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Prince Humperdinck addressing people

Prince of Florin, he becomes betrothed to Buttercup (in the novel on excuse that he will need to continue the royal line because his father is dying).  He does not care who his bride is, a long as she is very beautiful.  Count Rugen then finds Buttercup.

After pursuing Buttercup and her kidnappers, Buttercup has him swear not to hurt Westley, but instead he lies. Humperdinck tells Wesley and Buttercup to surrender but they do not listen.  It is revealed he hired Vizzini to kidnap and kill her, and now is planning to murder her on their wedding night and framing Guilder like before, and he will have a political excuse for declaring war.  Unfortunately his plans are thwarted by Westley, Inigo Montoya, and Fezzik, but they let him live instead of killing him, leaving him to pursue them when they escape with Buttercup.


Although the main antagonist, Prince Humperdick is incredibly intelligent and has excellent tracking and hunting instincts. He can track the location of animals, and is able to trace events that have happened in a particular place.  Buttercup herself says there is no greater hunter than him, proclaiming that he "can track a falcon on a cloudy day."

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